REINER P1-MP6-YE Yellow Ink Cartridge for glass, metal & plastics

REINER P1-MP6-YE Yellow Ink Cartridge for glass, metal & plastics

REINER P1-MP6-YE is specialised Yellow solvent-based ink which was developed to permit safe and mobile marking for materials of black and dark colours that used to be difficult to print on before.


In development of the Yellow ink P1-MP6-YE, REINER put the greatest value on good visibility on dark materials, as well as on optimal adhesion on materials that are difficult to print on, while keeping the drying time short.


Typical applications of REINER P1-MP6-YE are to print on black and dark coloured materials such as PE, PP, PET, aluminium, blister film, rubber, glass and paper. Like all MP inks by REINER, the yellow MP ink offers very good adhesion and abrasion resistance on many different materials.


Mobile inkjet printing is particularly important for companies with average piece numbers and for special product forms or packaging types. Beverage manufacturers that desire high-contrast printing on dark bottles, or the industry, which requires clearly visible numbering of production parts, are highly interested in this marking solution; so are the medicine, cosmetics and food industries with black or brown bottles, jam lids or cream pots.


The dry time is instant or a few seconds but can take longer depending on application and environment conditions.


Use with: jetStamp® 790 MP

    P1-MP6-YE Colour : Yellow


    You Asked, We Answered

    Can I use different ink types with my jetStamp® printer?

    Yes, any model printer in the jetStamp® range, including Rainer 940, can work with different types of ink, using the appropriate ink cartridges compatible with that model. Please, refer to our "ink cartridges" section to see all ink types available.

    How many imprints can I do from one ink cartridge?

    The REINER ink cartridges are very economical and you can do a lot of imprints with one ink cartridge. Here's the figures :

    1. jetStamp® 1025: up to ~70,000 imprints/cartidge.

    2. jetStamp® 970 graphic and REINER 940: up to ~35,000 imprints/cartidge

    3. jetStamp® 990 : up to ~10,000 imprints/cartidge.

    4. speed-i-Jet 798: up to ~10,000 imprints/cartidge.

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